About us

About KEO

Keo Edibles is a small but devoted team in bringing our community with high quality and clean products. In a year, that has brought on a rise in mental health issues and we are determined to provide an affordable self-care treatment accessible to anyone who needs it. Our mission is to help people enhance their lives physically and emotionally through the responsible use of cannabis. From delicious candy to decadent chocolate chip cookies, our edibles and oils offer an alternative to smoking and the ability to find the exact dosage you need.

Our Ingredients

At Keo edibles, we source all our extracts from trusted Canadian producers. Our products are made using clean and simple ingredients with the exception of cannabinol. They are handmade and individually packaged in our clean environment and made to order so they arrive fresh.

Our Consistency

We ensure consistency by producing our products in very small batches to ensure consistent dosing so you get the same effect every time and all products are lab tested to ensure you are getting the quality you deserve.

Your Trust

Always putting the customer first, we invest the utmost care into our products and aim to provide quality and reliable products. With just a click away, connect with us if you have any concerns or feedback as we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and retail partners.